Shaming Others out of Emotions

Have you noticed this is a thing our society does? Oh, you’re having a feeling, could you not do that right here?

Where would you have me do it? Alone, where there is no one to help me? In a one-on-one situation where there isn’t enough information for me to verify the advice I’m getting? In a large group where the amount of sensory information will be overwhelming and could potentially worsen the situation?

Do people do this with forms of expression that aren’t words? Could you paint somewhere more private please? Could you sculpt with less mess please? Could you create music more quietly?

Why is it just words that people want to put restrictions on how, why, when the expression happens? Speaking, while not quite so eloquent for the majority of us, is still art. It’s the art of how you feel, and I would never tell you not to do it. If I didn’t like your art, I would just stop looking at it. Like Van Gogh, because I hate Van Gogh.

Struggling millennial with a tendency to rant on delicate topics, with comma splices.