26 Things I Care About in September 2020

In no particular order

Darci Ann Burdett
2 min readSep 4, 2020
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  1. Being zero-waste
  2. Being plastic-free
  3. Shopping locally
  4. Being a good car owner
  5. Being a good pet mother to 2
  6. Keeping all my laundry done
  7. Keeping my kitchen wiped down and free of dishes
  8. Eating a whole food, plant-based diet
  9. Eating foods that are locally sourced
  10. Eating three meals a day
  11. Not drinking in situations that will have more consequences than benefits
  12. Not smoking cigarettes
  13. Being a good renter/keeping my apartment in good, clean condition
  14. Sleeping 8 hours a night
  15. Paying all my bills with my own money, on time, each month
  16. Paying my debts down as quickly as possible
  17. Gaining more discretionary income for contributing to the success of others
  18. Being good at my job
  19. Getting better at my job
  20. Ensuring I do not get Coronavirus
  21. Ensuring I do not give anyone Coronavirus
  22. Being a good fellow citizen (not breaking laws, social norms, or encroaching on others freedoms in public)
  23. Being a participatory citizen (maintaining an understanding of the current events in our own nation and engaging in democracy how I can)
  24. Providing light to others like me just hoping to find peace and compassion
  25. Preparing myself professionally, educationally, and financially to attend grad school one day
  26. Not disappointing those I love with my quirks, ticks, and outbursts

I’m really sorry that interacting better with humans hasn’t been higher up on my list, last I checked other humans won’t get most of these things done for me. If anything, they add to my list of responsibilities and then become annoyed when my priorities don’t shift or I become overwhelmed from the pressure of sorting out their priorities in combination with my own.

I’m not saying it’s okay, but this is my life, and I’m learning to accept that people who love me will be okay with these aspects of who I am as long as I’m never intentionally hurtful and always trying to improve.

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